Upcoming 2012 Events and Conferences:

January 8-13            Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning       Orlando, FL

February 24-26       Heritage Appraisal Day                                        Sacramento, CA

March 23-25             Heritage Appraisal Day                                        Beverly Hills, CA
March 27-30            Texas Association of Museums Meeting       San Antonio, TX

April 3-5                     TBA Wealth Management Conference           Austin, TX 
April 13-15                Dallas Art Fair                                                           Dallas, TX
April 19-23                ISA Annual Conference                                        Tempe, AZ
April 27-29               CASETA Conference                                               Fort Worth, TX
April 27-29               Heritage Appraisal Day                                         Tulsa, OK
April 29-May 1         AAM Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo          Minneapolis, MN

June 9                           Antiques Roadshow                                               Boston, MA
June 22-24                 Heritage Appraisal Day                                        Dallas, TX
June 23                        Antiques Roadshow                                               Myrtle Beach, SC

July 14                         Antiques Roadshow                                               Rapid City, SD
July 21                         Antiques Roadshow                                               Cincinnati, OH
July 27-29                 Heritage Appraisal Day                                         Fort Worth, TX

August 4                      Antiques Roadshow                                              Corpus Christi,TX
August 10-12            Heritage Appraisal Day                                         Beverly Hills, CA
August 16-19            Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance                  Pebble Beach, CA
August 18                   Antiques Roadshow                                                Seattle, WA

September 14-16      Houston Fine Art Fair                                           Houston, TX

October 5-7                Heritage Appraisal Day                                        Denver, CO
October 7-10            ASA Annual Conference                                        Phoenix, AZ

November 1-5          Dallas Int’l Art, Antique & Jewelry Show       Dallas, TX
November 9              Art Law Day                                                                New York, NY
November 10-11     AAA Annual Conference                                       New York, NY

December 7-9           Heritage Appraisal Day                                         Palm Beach, FL


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