Spotlight on Frankart

13 Mar

In the upcoming June sale of 20th Century Design, there are a number of lots attributed to Frankart, and honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what that meant.  So I did a little digging…..

Frankart, Inc. was the name of a New York company that manufactured “art moderne” pieces in the 1920s.  The founder and president of Frankart was sculptor Arthur (von) Frankenberg, after which the company was named. 

Frankenberg wanted to create functional, affordable art for everyone’s budget. His designs featured sculptural nymph figures, posed as decorative accents or supports for various objects. Frankenberg prided himself on creating decorative objects that were also highly functional, such as lamps, bookends, vase stands and ash stands.

From 1922 to 1932, less than 100 designs were patented. After only 10 years in production, Frankart closed its doors, but the highly recognizable designs are regularly sought after at auction. 

For more information see David Negley’s article on the history of Frankart by a former employee HERE

Frankart, Inc., New York, New York, circa 1930
Marks: FRANKART. INC, PAT. DES. 82197
26-1/4 inches high (66.7 cm)

The smoker’s stand with gunmetal patina, elongated female nude holding hoop supporting ashtray with three cigar rests, figure upon stepped base.

Appears as No. T333 in The Frankart Handbook for Season 1932-1933.

Estimate: $700-1,000

UPDATE: SOLD for $5,313 including buyer’s premium.


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