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Find Great Reads at Heritage

19 Jul

Did you know?  Did you know that Heritage hosts a weekly online rare book sale?  But the best part is that ALL lots start at a $1!  It’s a booklovers dream.  First editions, Autographed letters, rare manuscripts, oh my!  Old stuff, new stuff, they have a little bit of everything for everyone.  The auction ends every Thursday night at midnight – check it out!


Bling Bling!

18 Jul














Thursday, August 4th, Heritage will present an All-Star auction at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Rosemont, IL.  The sale will feature approximately 100 lots of the best of the best in Sports Collectibles, including a couple of gorgeous championship rings: “Fuzzy” Thurston’s 1967 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl II Ring, Muhammad Ali’s personal 1978 “Three Times World Champion” Ring, and a 2009 Los Angeles Lakers NBA Championship Ring.  Highlights of the sale also include signed jerseys, rare baseball cards, LeRoy Neiman artworks, and Bobby Jones’s Augusta green jacket.  Looks to be an exciting sale – I can’t wait to try on Muhammad Ali’s ring!

Save the Date!

15 Jul


On September 27th, Heritage will hold The Estate Sale,  a fabulous auction of reasonably-priced fine and decorative arts.  From watercolors and oil paintings to art glass and small furniture items, we will have something for everyone.  I’m loving this Viennese mirror!  Constructed of ebonized wood with a silver engraved framed.  It’s fantastic!  And the bidding will start at $1,000….do I hear $1,100?

The Ides of March are upon us…

14 Jul






Well, not really, since it’s mid July…. But!  Heritage will be offering this September the most famous ancient coin in existence, the “Ides of March” silver denarius struck by Julius Caesar’s assassin Marcus Brutus, celebrating the infamous deed.

“The ‘Ides of March’ denarius, struck in 42 B.C., is the only Roman coin to openly celebrate an act of murder,” said David S. Michaels, Director of Ancient Coins for Heritage, “the only Roman coin to mention a specific date and one of the very few ancient coins to enter the popular imagination.”

Should the coin reach its pre-auction estimate of $500,000+, it will establish a record price for a Roman silver coin.  Stay tuned and Beware!

Victorian Hair Wreaths: Creepy or Cool?

11 Jul

It was quite common in the Victorian period for ladies to make wreaths, floral designs, and jewelry from the hair of their ancestors often in memorial to the lost loved ones.  Snippets of hair would be woven or twisted around wire to create intricate art forms, most often flowers.  The flowers would then be arranged in a shadow box for safe keeping and added to as family members passed.  I find it kind of creepy….what about you?